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Additional Expenses

The following expenses are not included in the above fees. For convenience, most of these items can be purchased through the Institute or the student may purchase these items through a third party vendor. Students electing to purchase these required items through the Institute will receive the Institute’s discount. These figures are estimates; actual costs may vary.

Supply Fees Equipment Fees Lab Fees Uniform Fees Total Additional Expenses
$200 $500-900 $180 $100 $980-1380

Supply Fees
The Institute requires each student to purchase two sets of twin sheets and a washable blanket. Additionally, students should purchase a 3-ring binder, highlighters, note taking materials, and a book sack. Students can expect to spend about two hundred dollars ($200) on supplies. These supplies are required for completion of this course.

Equipment Fees
Equipment consists of a portable massage table, face-rest, arm rest shelf, table case, and bolsters. Some students may wish to purchase a table cart and stool as well. Equipment fees fluctuate widely depending upon the brand, style, accessories, and table options. Students can expect to spend from five to nine hundred dollars ($500 - $900) on equipment, depending upon the type of massage table and options they choose. This equipment is required for completion of this course. The purchase of a Massage Chair ($500-$700) is recommended, but not required.

Massage Lab Fees
As part of an externship program, the school requires each student to purchase, receive, and write a narrative report on three professional massages during the school term in order to gain perspective as a massage client. The student can expect to spend about $60.00 per massage for a total of one hundred eighty dollars ($180).

Uniform Fees
A uniform is also required; each student needs professional attire during internship and sporting events. A uniform consist of scrubs/sweat pants and a school t-shirt. Students will need at least 2 uniforms. Estimated cost is one hundred dollars ($100).

Testing & Licensing Fees
In order to become state-licensed, the student must complete a licensing process which includes paying fees and passing two exams. These are educational costs. Testing fees are three hundred ninety-five dollars ($395). This includes passage of a massage exam and a state exam. See the table below.

Massage Exam LA State Exam First year's license Total Fees
$195 $75 $125 $395



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